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Teamwork means everything to us.

The right people at the right time.

A consultant, is a consultant, is a consultant.  At least that’s how most people view it.  But for those with experience and discriminating standards, you know that in every business, there are exceptions to any rule.  We like to feel we are that exception.  And if you wish to speak to our clients and partners, they will tell you first hand how we attack a challenge.  In addition, we cover the gambit when it comes to our collective experience.


• Marketing & Branding   • Corporate Restructuring   • Interim Management Solutions

• Growth Planning   • Corporate Roll-Ups   • Creating Key Partnerships

Gordon Whitener, CEO

Gordon Whitener built his executive career on a unique ability to construct highly successful teams and inspire results-driven leadership. Now, Gordon taps into his extensive network of resources and executive skills to help position companies for growth. Gordon brings 30 years of sports media marketing experience and a proven track record in constructing highly successful teams and inspiring result-driven leadership.


Gordon served as the chairman and CEO of SportsMyx Holdings, LLC (SportsMyx), which owned Action Sports Media until late 2009. Before that, he was president and CEO of Host Communications, one of the nation’s leading providers of affinity, multimedia, promotional and event management services to universities, athletic conferences, associations, and corporations. He also served as president and CEO of Interface Americas, the global leader in commercial carpet manufacturing.

Brett Thomason, COO

Brett Thomason is the principal and chief operating officer for The Whitener Company, co-founder and principal for Whitener Entertainment Group.  Brett began his career at Cydcor, where he established and managed one of the nation’s leading business and residential sales and marketing teams for Fortune 500 companies. He has also founded multiple ventures including First Step Advertising, which spearheaded online menu, ordering, and delivery services, and Pioneer Social, which leveraged social media development to increase companies’ profitability.


In 2012, Brett founded Thomason Consulting and Thomason Acquisition & Investment. He also co-founded Tennessee Innovative, a consulting venture firm specializing in identifying proprietary IP from Oak Ridge National Labs and other national labs in the United States. While managing these entities, Brett served on an elite sales team at Lakewood Capital Group, where he was a repeat member of the Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club from 2011-2015.

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