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The Whitener Company™ provides experienced consulting services in the areas of marketing technology, event production and management, sponsorship sales and business portfolio management and acceleration. We focus on helping our clients build and execute strategic options for growth and capital needs. Our knack for connecting the right businesses to the right solutions streamlines corporate efficiencies and creates new revenue potential that otherwise goes unseen.

Taking the bull by the horns.

In business today, we’re all measured in new ways. Whether it’s a review from the Internet or a referral from a trusted source. That’s why at The Whitener Company, we take pride in making calculated moves within our wheelhouse to create not only a strong, but stable growth plan for every company we are involved with. We assist with key areas within organizations, including;

• Business Infrastructure

• Financial Modeling

• Marketing Planning

• Implementation

• Acquisitions

• Executive Training

Ad Giants


Ad Giants was founded in 2001 and is the parent company of MODsocket, the first online advertising agency targeting small businesses with full-service agency processes and results. All at a price any business can afford. The company also has an enterprise version of the platform used in brand content management for companies like Wendy’s International.

Bespoke Sports Marketing


Bespoke is a sports and entertainment consulting and marketing agency providing insight driven solutions for brands. Our partners drive tangible business results by leveraging consumer passions in sports and entertainment.

BP Capital Advisors


BP Capital Fund Advisors was formed in June 2013 to, for the first time, offer the investing public a fund vehicle to invest alongside Boone Pickens and his team. We assist in the promotion and marketing of this unique offering.



Brands2fans is a unique content development company dedicated to providing targeted and powerful content that connects brands to their fan base in an ongoing process. Our recipe for creating targeted content that drives action is what makes this a win-win for all involved.


NTENT surfaces information aligned with search activity and consumer intent with unparalleled relevancy that saves time and increases value by enabling rapid discovery of relevant content, products and services, on any device.

Dose Media

Emerson Spartz is one of the world’s leading experts on internet virality and has been featured in major media including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.  As the CEO of Dose Media, he runs one of the fastest-growing digital media publishers with 50 million unique visitors per month.

Oceana Energy


Oceana was founded in 2005 by professionals with decades of experience in renewable energy, the Oceana marine turbine was designed by engineers experienced in previous hydrokinetic power systems who discovered a better solution; and were determined to bring cost-effective innovation to marine turbine design using state of the art technologies– not just replicate wind power technologies.

Shave Logic


Shavelogic was one of the first “razor blade” options to reduce monthly costs to shave. With a superior product and with the ability to leverage manufacturing internally, Shavelogic has been able to reduce consumer costs and deliverability substantially. Our role is to help with internal corporate structuring and marketing to assist in the optimization of this offering.



Remicalm, LLC is a privately held medical diagnostic and imaging device company. Remicalm recently obtained an exclusive license for cancer diagnostic, screening, imaging and monitoring technologies from large universities affiliated with two world-renowned cancer centers. The three scientists from the institutions that developed this technology serve on the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Unreel is one of the fastest growing, online video content creators that produces incredible video to help brands connect with others. Led by a team of proven videographers, this group has made online social media video production an art form, and has one of the highest video conversion rates in the industry.

US Cowboy


At US Cowboy, we continue the tradition of the American cowboy and all that relates to the values and beliefs relating to this unique lifestyle. We connect brands that speak to this American heritage to create value for all involved. Including the rodeo experience, apparel, travel and full immersion into US Cowboy.

Wrangler Network


Created specifically for the Wrangler brand, the Wrangler Network is the “home of western lifestyle” and presents all avenues of information to support this choice. Everything from rodeo to events to apparel. Our job is to continue to create exciting new content for this brand.



Mandt Media is an immersive entertainment and media studio located in the heart of Los Angeles

Mandt Media balances technological innovation with storytelling artistry to create premium AR, VR and AI content solutions. We work independently and collaboratively to create next-level immersive experiences that invite audiences to connect, engage, and explore.

Pixelstar Games

PixelStar Games – Galika

Galika™ is a combination Video Game and Social-Networking service which entertains as well as allow members to demonstrate and boast accomplishments of the caring instinct we all share. Galika™ will be available for all the major mobile devices, web browsers and as a Facebook application..

Trenches Consulting

Trenches provides consulting, evaluation and revenue generating services to for-profit and non-profit properties and organizations in order to increase revenue through corporate partnership, philanthropic fundraising and event development.

Red Frog Events


Red Frog Events offers an extensive list of event services ranging from site operations, sponsorship, talent buying and much more.

Family Tennis Center

familycirclelogo 2

The Family Circle Tennis Center is a public tennis facility, owned by the City of Charleston and operated by Meredith Corporation, open on a year-round basis except during the week of the Volvo Car Open, and certain holidays.

Volvo Car Open

tourn_logo 2

The Volvo Car Open is the largest women’s only tennis tournament in North America.

Every April, Charleston welcomes 90,000 spectators and more than 100 world-class, women athletes to participate in the excitement of the Volvo Car Open. Records are broken and memories are made as extraordinary tennis stars take Stadium Court to compete for the coveted title of the Open.

The event not only offers world-class tennis, but also hosts a wide-variety of other activities throughout the week long tournament. In between matches, attendees can enjoy shopping in the Merchandise Tent or tasting some of the unique Charleston cuisine offered at one of the many dining locations onsite.  Not to mention visiting the various sponsor booths to enter to win prizes and giveaways galore, or facing off against the fast serve machine to see if you can return a serve like the pros.

The Volvo Car Open invites you to join us in 2018 to celebrate the event’s 45th anniversary and become a part of tennis history.


Tengency is a creative agency offering unparalleled digital development and marketing. Tengency manages all faucets of the digital side of companies so that they and their employees can stay focused on what they now best, the companies themselves.

Tennessee Innovative

Tennessee Innovative is a consulting venture firm that specializes in identifying proprietary ip from Oak Ridge National Labs and other National labs in the domestic United States. We seek extraordinary entrepreneurs with unique technologies that will define the next era of innovation. We take a hands-on approach from the very beginning, partnering with talented entrepreneurs to transform their vision into reality.

Whitener Entertainment Group

The goal of WEG is to not only be the innovator in bringing big budget, A-list driven productions for television and film to the state of Tennessee, but to provide quality family entertainment with top level Hollywood entertainment executives. The majority of our slate is set to be shot in Tennessee, providing thousands of jobs and significant revenue for the state. We will also incorporate an innovative educational training program for high schools, community colleges, and Universities all across the state to help empower and provide opportunities for aspiring young professionals.

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