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Always with an eye on the horizon.

A note from our chairman

“We live in challenging times. Businesses are faced with issues today never even imagined two decades ago. And because of that, it takes the flexibility of understanding and tremendous dedication and work ethic to attack each day.


At The Whitener Company, we like to think we bring insights, passion and category knowledge to all of our businesses and partners. Our collective understanding of building business value for today’s consumers takes patience and fortitude that we intentionally cultivate within our own walls to share with others. I personally thank you for taking a look at our company.”

Gordon Whitener | Chairman

To achieve your vision, you must have focus.

The Whitener Company™ provides experienced consulting services in the areas of marketing technology, event production and management, sponsorship sales and business portfolio management and acceleration. We focus on helping our clients build and execute strategic options for growth and capital needs. Our knack for connecting the right businesses to the right solutions streamlines corporate efficiencies and creates new revenue potential that otherwise goes unseen.



Bringing a legend to Tennessee to perform his last, great film.

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A cutting-edge concept brought to life during difficult times.

our company portfolio

In business today, we’re all measured in new ways. Whether it’s a review from the Internet or a referral from a trusted source. That’s why at The Whitener Company, we take pride in making calculated moves within our wheelhouse to create not only a strong but stable growth plan for every company we are involved with. We assist with key areas within organizations, including;

• Business Infrastructure   • Business Development   • Marketing Planning   

• Implementation   • Acquisitions   • Executive Training

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For over two decades I was honored to work with T. Boone Pickens and his team to assist in their growth and expansion. It was an experience that allowed me to grow in so many ways.

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